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Inherited Property in Greater Glasgow

Posted by Let It on May 26, 2017 8:45 am

When you inherit a house, there are a few options available for you – live in it, sell it, or rent it out being three of the most popular. If the first two don’t work for one reason or another then turning it into a property rental in greater Glasgow can be a great option. By doing this you get to keep the house and you also make some money from the rent to cover costs or to make some profit, depending on the mortgage situation.

Setting up an inherited property as a rental property might seem a bit daunting but here at Let It, we are available to assist. We can help you see what legal requirements you have regarding the condition of the house and the regular upkeep. We can help find the right tenant, including conducting background checks and gathering references.

Once we have a tenant, we can set up the tenancy agreement to ensure it is legal and fair as well as collect the deposit and place it into an approved scheme. We can set up a collection of the rent and ensure that everything is in place for the start of the tenancy. After the tenant is in the house, we can even run the tenancy for you, being a point of contact for the tenant and handling any repairs or servicing required.

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