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Winter is Coming…

Posted by Let It on November 23, 2017 1:00 pm

Sorry to Start this latest Blog with a quote from Game of Thrones but…

With winter fast on its way here are some hot tips on keeping secure, safe, fuel/energy efficient.

  1. Consider Fitting motion sensor lighting both inside and out.Not only will this bring your electric bill down, a motion sensitive security light will keep away intruders.
  2. If you’re moving into a property with an alarm, familiarise yourself with passcode and setting but above all, don’t forget to turn in on!
  3. Secure all the doors and windows and make sure gates are locked. It’s easy for someone to gain access through open windows even on the first floor  so make sure ladders are not left laying about.
  4. Make sure you put keys and valuable out of easy reach of the front door and out of sight.
  5. Mark any valuable with a UV pen – a discrete way to identify them if they are stolen.
  6. If you have a garden shed, make sure it has a string lock/padlock. Burglars will see this as an easy target.
  7. Be a good neighbour and keep your eyes open for anything or anyone who looks suspicious.
  8. lasst but definately not least, ensure you have adequate home contents insurance!

Stay safe this Winter from LET it

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