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What Makes a Good Tenant

Posted by Let It on March 30, 2017 10:39 am

Ask a landlord what makes a good tenant and the first thing they will likely say is one that pays the rent! But finding the right tenant for your property is about more than just ensuring they can pay the rent and this is where Let It’s tenant finding service can help.

One of the key pieces of information we find for any tenant are references from previous landlords. This is important to get a feel for the person or persons and to see what previous landlords have said. For example, maybe they paid their rent on time but left the house in a bit of a mess. This might influence whether you want them to be your tenant or not.
Background and credit checks are important parts of establishing the person’s identity and their right to be in the country. This factors into their past credit record and ability to pay their rent as well as checking they have no problems in their background that might mean you are unsure about having them as a tenant.

Managing the tenancy is another service that Let It offers and this is when you get an idea about whether you are happy to continue with the tenancy or not. Some landlords find that after six months, they are unhappy with the tenant and would rather have someone else in the property. Therefore, we can help you end the tenancy correctly and find another tenant in their place.

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