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The Future for Buy to Let Landlords

Posted by Let It on February 23, 2016 4:21 pm

At the moment, in the news there seems to be a slight negative outlook towards the buy to let market, as if it is somehow responsible for the problems of people not finding affordable housing. Yet there is clearly a need for these properties so what is the future for buy to let landlords?

Currently, estimates say that by 2025, one in four households will live in private rented properties due to a combination of cuts to social houses being built and the caution of private developers meaning not enough houses are being built. This means that there is plenty of demand for landlords to purchase houses and rent them out to

Another spectre haunting the market is the idea of foreign investors buying up all our houses but this also isn’t true. Currently nine out of every ten landlords are individuals who have bought a property or a number of properties.
And this system clearly works with 80% of tenants saying they are happy with their landlord. So the idea of the ‘hated’ landlord is clearly only the product of TV shows or books. Most people have a good working relationship with their landlord or their representative, the letting agent.

So while at the moment there may be a push towards everyone owning their own home, for a large percentage of the population this isn’t practical and may not even be what they want – they are happy renting their home and will continue to do so.

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