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Student Flat Rentals Glasgow

Posted by Let It on May 25, 2017 9:47 am

Renting a flat in Glasgow is a popular choice for students. Finding the right flat rental in Glasgow is a combination of several factors and here at LET It, we can help you make an informed decision with our databases of flats available for rent.
Some parts of renting a flat are much the same as renting a house while others are different. For example, if you have pets or you smoke then you need to check the landlord will allow this within the property. If they have said no to either, then you would need to consider an alternative property.

For people with their own car, the parking around the flat can be an important issue. Unlike houses, flats don’t always have enough room for all the residents to park their car so finding out where you can park or if there is designated parking can be important for car owners. Alternatively, proximity to the public transport network can be important if you rely on it to get around.

Amenities in the area can help make that important decision. If you don’t have a car, can you walk to the nearest convenience store? Or how long a drive is it to the nearest supermarket? Do buses from the area run into the town centre or do you have to change? All of these questions can help you narrow down the right property and be happy with your choice.

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