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Repairs & Maintenance

Posted by Let It on November 9, 2017 1:08 pm

Property Repairs are an inevitable part of owning property, whether its our own home or our property portfolio. How we view them and manage the cost makes all the difference. If we approach repairs as a hassle and inconvenience we will inevitably become disheartened and consistently view our investment as a proverbial ‘money pit’ and will simply sell up and move on.

The truth is however that, if we correctly anticipate repairs/refurbishment and factor these costs in to the over all budget they don’t have take us by surprise. Tenants nowadays are more choosy than ever when looking at a rented home because, statistically tenants are staying in rented accommodation far longer so it makes sense they would take more time in choosing. As a general rule a landlord should be looking to redecorate their Let Property ever 5-7 years and replace the carpets around the same time frame. kitchen appliances may last a little longer but buying cheap often means replacing often so be aware of false economy. On the plus side, all of these costs are tax deductible so it actually makes sense to spend a little every year keeping on top of things. Not only will you achieve a higher rental income, you tenant will see that you are looking after your property and be more likely to stay for longer and you will save a little on tax!

As a letting agent we seek to ensure any repairs, whether reactive or planned are carried out to a high standard, using qualified and trusted contractors. That doesn’t always mean things run perfectly but, it does ensure any problems can be fixed quickly and without fuss.


Interim property visits are carried out 4 times per year which not only identifies any concerns regarding the tenants but also highlights maintenance issues early on.

If you are a landlord looking for an honest, fair service with property in Glasgow or Renfrewshire please contact us, we would love to help.

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