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Property Types Glasgow

Posted by Let It on August 26, 2016 3:34 pm

Glasgow is a large city with a diverse cityscape and differing regions. All ages and eras of houses can be found across the city, meaning there is a wide range of property types in Glasgow. For someone looking to rent a house, this means that there are always plenty of different options to consider.

Property Types Glasgow

One of the most well know types of housing in Glasgow are the tenements. These became popular back in the 19th and 20th centuries and still dominant the housing market in terms of numbers today. They are known for having large rooms with high ceilings and many still include period features. There is even a tenement conservation area in the Hyndland part of the city where some of the houses can feature as many as six bedrooms.

At one time, the city had a number of high rise tower blocks but the standard of these properties have meant that many have been replaced. There is also a wide range of house types around the city ranging from terraced Victorian properties to modern semi-detached and detached houses. This diversity offers a ‘something for everyone’ housing landscape and is one of the reasons the city is such a popular spot for landlords to invest in property.

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