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New Houses to Let Glasgow?

Posted by Let It on August 28, 2016 3:24 pm

If you’re looking for a new house to let in Glasgow – LET it can help.

Glasgow is a busy city with an ever changing landscape and bustling population. This means that there are always people moving to and from the city. But are there new houses to let in Glasgow? Or is it becoming more difficult to find properties to rent with the changes to landlord finances?

New Houses to Let Glasgow?

The rental market in Glasgow remains relatively healthy. There are approximate 250 one bedroom properties in the house which have an average time on market of around 60 days. As expected, there are a large number of two bedroom properties, approaching 500 and these stay on the market for a similar period of time. Three bedroom houses are in shorter supply in the city centre but there are many more of these in the suburbs and extended Glasgow area while perhaps the quickest to change hands are the big five bedroom properties – namely because there are only a few available.

What this means is that if a landlord wants to purchase a property in the city and find a quality tenant in a reasonable period of time, the best option can be to use a letting agent. This is a company offering tenant finding services that often include all the legal stuff such as setting up the tenancy agreement. They can quicken the process as they often have databases of people looking to move into a certain type of property in a certain area.

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