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New Flats to Rent Glasgow

Posted by Let It on April 27, 2016 3:27 pm

There is always a high demand for new flats to rent in Glasgow due to a large student population and a growing number of families and couples that are opting for the single floor property. This demand makes flats an excellent way for landlords to get into the market in the city. But how does a landlord know that the flat he is considering will prove popular?

New Flats to Rent Glasgow

The best way to view a property is as if you were moving into it. For example, if you are planning to sell to a family, then look at elements such as the bathroom and kitchen – does it have all the facilities they need? Fitted appliances look very smart but most people will be happy with standalone pieces as long as they do what is required. Showers are often a must with most people as time for a bath can be tricky in busy lives.

Another big factor for most rental groups is access to the property if it is above ground floor level. For older couples or those with kids, a well-functioning lift is essential as stairs are the enemy. Students can be less worries and more energetic but you don’t want to limit yourself too much.

Location still plays a big part in what kind of tenant you can get in a property. Students want to be near their university or college or at least near public transport to it. Families will look at quality of schools and other features to occupy the kids close by. Couples may look at the nightlife, the shopping or the day time activities depending on their tastes.

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