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Posted by Let It on August 27, 2015 9:23 am

Being a landlord involves a number of potentially complicated issues that involve regulatory or legal matters. One such example if the effect of the Immigration Act on who a landlord can allow to be a tenant of their property.
As with anything legal, there are numerous scenarios that can affect whether a tenancy is legal or not as applicable to this act and for certain guidance, it is best to employ the services of a letting agent in Stepps who will give you face to face advice.

One of the main areas that the act applies to for a landlord is if the individual has a Right to Rent in the UK. This involves if the person or family have the relevant visas to visit the UK and how long they are allowed to stay here under the visas, if it is ‘limited’. For example, if their visas is limited to four months, they cannot sign a six month tenancy agreement, as they are not allowed to stay in the UK for that length of time.

Rather than fall afoul of these complex rules, many people opt to make use of the services of a professional such as a letting agent. They will often find the tenant for the landlord and means there is no concerns about their Right to Rent or other legal matters.

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