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Posted by Let It on June 10, 2015 10:53 am

As a landlord, you need to make sure that your property is in safe hands. As tenants, you also want to be confident that the property you are renting is safe and appropriate for you and your family.

The one place where both the tenant and landlord get the right advice – and property – is from a highly reputable letting agent in South Side of Glasgow.

But, surely renting a property is ‘easy’?

In a certain sense, it is. People will also need homes and thus, from 1 bedroom flats to multi-bedroomed mansions, there is always a market for rental properties.

However, simply because there will always be demand does not mean that all properties, landlords and tenants are ‘equal’. Making sure that the property is safe and meets all requirements is essential for landlords, but also peace of mind for tenants.

Is it not just about the rent…?

Landlords need the rent on their properties in order to pay the mortgage, for example, in some cases, but also to invest this money in order to be able to make repairs, keep the property up to date and so on.

Paying rent late simply means that the landlord is placed in a position that may mean a tenancy is placed in jeopardy.

But, landlords also want to know that the possibility of this happening is very low indeed, thus by going through a letting agent in South Side of Glasgow, credit checks can be performed before hand, as well as references sought.

So, a letting agent in South Side of Glasgow can protect both tenant and landlord?

To a certain extent, yes…

As a tenant, you are able to rent a property that is safe, with all the necessary regulations met and surpassed. The gas and electrical items supplied will be installed safely, as well as adequately maintained. The accommodation will be appropriate for the level of rent you are paying, as well as appropriate for your needs.

As a landlord, you property will be safe, protecting your from prosecution as well as giving you the peace of mind that tenants are safe in your property too. You can also have a heightened sense of confidence that you have the right tenants, in terms of ‘character’ from references and their ability to make the rent payments, and make them on time.

But, isn’t it all a bit too costly?

By not going through a letting agent, both tenants and landlords face the possibility of things going wrong, from unpaid rent to damage, and lost deposits for tenants.

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