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Letting Agent Shawlands

Posted by Let It on July 22, 2015 9:40 am

Once the tenant is in the property, many landlords think there is little else to be done apart from collect the rent and hopefully make a little profit. But there are requirements that landlords have and it can be to their benefit to make inspections of the property to ensure no problems are developing.

When a landlord has a full time job aside from property owning, this can be time consuming especially if the tenants work as well. Therefore, employing a letting agent in Shawlands can be an ideal solution – they not only carry out checks and keep tenancy agreements up to date but can even be helpful finding the tenants in the first place. They can also assist with the legal documentation involved in setting up the tenancy and even getting the references that are recommended before anyone signs anything.

If there are any problems during the duration of the tenancy, a letting agent can also assist. Should there be the need to seek an eviction order for a bad tenant, then the letting agent can also help ensure this is done correctly and legally or may be able to negotiate a settlement favourable to both parties.

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