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Letting Agent Howwood

Posted by Let It on December 29, 2016 12:58 pm

LET it providing a letting agent service to the Howwood area.

Property Letting Agents

One of the debates of starting up as a landlord involves the use or not of a letting agent from Howwood to manage the property for you. Even landlords with a single property make use of these services because they relieve stress and avoid extra workload, particularly for those to whom being a landlord is in addition to their full-time job.

But what does a letting agent do? Most offer two levels of service. The basic level is a tenant finding service that involves advertising the property in all the right places to find a tenant, setting up the tenancy agreement and taking any references. They will often collect in the rent to start with then afterwards all these tasks will fall to the landlord.

For a more comprehensive service, landlords can opt for a full management package. This takes the work out of being a landlord and requires very little of the individual. The letting agent will do the above jobs then once the tenant is in place, they will collect the rent, inspect the property and organise maintenance works. They will also ensure any servicing and checks are done to keep regulatory requirements satisfied along with the duty of care any landlord has. If the tenant moves out, they will handle the final inspection of the property and then arrange for more tenants to fill the property.

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