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Letting Agent Hillhead

Posted by Let It on July 28, 2015 9:26 am

While becoming a landlord might sound straightforward once the initial purchase of the property is in hand, there are actually a few legal requirements involved that a landlord has to comply with. For this reason, many landlords choose to use a letting agent in Hillhead or the area to deal with many of the issues.

Firstly, there are regulations about gas safety and electrical equipment within the property. There are also requirements to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to properties to allow disabled people to get access. Certain types of shared houses also have extra regulations applying to them regarding the number of people in the property and extra fire and electrical safety rules. There is even rules and regulations regarding soft furnishings if the landlord is offer a furnished or partly-furnished property.

For this reason, a letting agent can take much of the stress from the process. They can be certain that all regulations are complied with and can also cover matters such as tenancy agreements and getting references for tenants. Even finding the tenants themselves can be arduous and a letting agent will often have a database of those looking for properties to make this process easier. So while it is possible to be a landlord without using a letting agent, it can certainly be far more complicated.

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