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Posted by Let It on June 22, 2015 9:46 am

Being a landlord can sometimes be a demanding job; from phone calls in the early hours with complaints of a broken boiler and no hot water, to the need to make sure your letting property conforms and meets all current standards and guidelines.

And, with attention turning to the ‘not-so-good’ rented properties, the pressure is on to make sure your properties are everything that they need to be for tenants to enjoy a high standard of property.

And thus, the services of a letting agent in Glasgow City Centre can be the solution to many landlord issues that you face…

Tailored solutions
You may have one flat that you rent out, or you could have a whole portfolio of properties that all need to be looked after. From the moment one tenant leaves, to the moment a new one moves in is ‘dead time’ and thus, a letting agent can be valuable in making sure that prospective tenants are lined up to view the property, and that any work needed is carried out.

Thus you need a tailored solution for you, from vetting tenants to organising maintenance.

Legal requirements
There are many legal requirements that, as a landlord, you need to be aware of and make sure that you meet. A letting agent in Glasgow City Centre can, of course do all this for in; in fact, a high quality letting agency should be more than on top of legislation and any changes, making sure that all their landlords comply.

Perfect paperwork
The tenancy agreement is an important document, and one that can be essential in the case of disputes and uncertainties. Letting agents will have a rage of templates that could be simply perfect or, with a few edits can be altered so that it fits your letting arrangements perfectly.

Avoid ‘bad’ tenants
Every landlord at some point will suffer the disappointment and frustration of tenants going ‘bad’, from leaving without paying the due rent or damaging your property. Professional letting agents in Glasgow City Centre will have a system by which they are able to ‘filter’ tenants that are suitable for your property, requesting references, for example, on your behalf.

Stress-free maintenance
Just like your own home, things will break down and need repair in your rental properties and thus, maintenance can, at time, present the landlord with a real hassle. Should you opt for this service, a letting agent can be the person who deals with all this on your behalf, ensuring that tenants are comfortable and happy.
Happy tenants and happy landlord

Being a landlord should not be stressful or unpleasant, and with a professional letting agent in Glasgow City centre this can be the case!

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