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Letting Agent East End of Glasgow

Posted by Let It on June 3, 2015 11:05 am

5 Reasons why using a letting agent in the East End of Glasgow is a great idea

There are many, many reasons landlords use letting agents although some prefer to forego the monthly fee, and go it alone.

This approach works for some, but not all landlords and thus, if you have often wondered about the pros of hiring a letting agent take a look at the top 5 reasons why a letting agent is the way to go…

#1 Time-saving

None of us have an inexhaustible amount of time to spend on finding tenants, seeking references, completing credit checks, sorting out contracts and control the rent as well as all the other aspects that need to be dealt with (organising repairs, for example).

Some landlords are not full time property moguls thus, with time in short supply a letting agent in the East End of Glasgow can be a great way to save time and a bucket load of hassle.

#2 Attracting the right tenants

Finding the right tenants will not always be easy and thus, many landlords turn to a letting agent to find them tenants that are right for the property.

A letting agent in East End of Glasgow will advertise your property to the right people and, with well-known and established companies, tenants are often on waiting lists too and so you may find that you get tenants in your property quicker than you think.

#3 Quick return

Many landlords assume that by going it alone, they will have not only a bigger return on their property, but a quicker one. However, an established letting agent will be able to fill desirable properties in super-fast time, leaving you free to live life without worrying about whether the rent is coming in on time and so on…

#4 The right rent

Pitching your rent in the right bit of the market is simply essential; too high, and tenants will be scarce but, too low and you could be inviting problems. An established letting agent with extensive knowledge of the local market will know the right place to pitch your rent. Do you really the local rental market that well?

#5 When things go bad…

As organised and as nice as you may be as a landlord, there are tenants who does cause issues, frustrations and concerns. When this does happen, it is nice to know that you have an established let

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