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Letting Agent Bridge of Weir

Posted by Let It on December 20, 2016 1:03 pm

LET it providing a letting agent service to the Bridge of Weir area.

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Using a letting agent serving Bridge of Weir when you don’t live there can be a vital and time-saving option. Image if you live an hour or more away and every week or month you have to travel to the town to collect the rent from your tenant? In addition to the time spent, there is fuel for the car or public transport costs, all eating into any profit you are making from the house. Then if there are any problems, you need to find a tradesman local to the house who will likely not be known to you.

By employing a letting agent who covers the town, you can ease this issue. They will collect the rent for you and have a network of high quality tradesmen to call on if there are any problems. They can also organise matters such as servicing of appliances and the gas and electrical facilities in the house. They will be conversant in the various regulations that apply to landlords and know what needs to be done to comply with them as well as fulfilling the slightly vaguer ‘duty of care’ often discussed.

Inspections of the property is another area you may wish for the letting agent to take over for you. This is advisable no matter how nice and decent the tenant seems to cover both you and them and make sure problems are dealt with at the earliest opportunity. Even finding a tenant in the first place is something a letting agent can do, saving you multiple trips to the house to interview people.

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LET it have been representing Walker Residential Properties for around 5 years now. With over 50 properties in our portfolio throughout the Central Belt we can be quite a demanding client – but LET it consistently deliver for us.