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Letting a House in Glasgow

Posted by Let It on August 16, 2017 4:09 pm

Letting a house in Glasgow doesn’t need to be a trial that takes up a lot of your time and causes you a lot of stress. The simplest way to be a landlord but not be dominated by your landlord business is to employ a letting agent to handle everything for you.

Letting agents can be found around the country and offer a service that many landlords make use of to ease their daily life. The process starts with the tenant finding service, whereby the letting agent can search for the right tenant, interview them and collect all necessary paperwork such as references and credit checks. The tenancy agreement can be put in place that works for both parties and the agent will even use a government approved scheme to collect and safeguard the deposit paid by the tenant, saving the landlord the trouble of setting up one.

During the tenancy, the letting agent can deal with the day to day issues that might occur. This might be a breakdown of something within the house that the landlord is responsible for or the scheduling of annual checks such as gas or electric. They are available to sort queries from the tenant and to make regular inspections to ensure the house is in good condition.

If the tenancy ends, the letting agent can start the process again, finding a new tenant and establishing a new tenancy agreement, reducing down the time without renting income being received.

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