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Large House Rentals Glasgow?

Posted by Let It on February 25, 2016 4:17 pm

Typically, when landlords look at properties to buy and then rent out, they tend to look at either flats or houses with two or three bedrooms. They are aiming at the family or the young couple, perhaps friends sharing a flat. But is there a market for large house rentals in Glasgow?

Demand for rented properties is at an all-time high with the housing market proving tricky for many people to get into. One in four homes are now rented from a landlord and the majority of these are private individuals rather than big companies.
This high number of rental properties means there is demand for all types of houses and flats, from the one bedroom single person property right up to the five or six bedroom larger house. Big houses can even be ideal for student rental where a number of students can enjoy sharing the house together and also manage the cost of the rent better.

Sometimes the landlord can get a good deal on a larger house precisely because there is a smaller market for it. Less competition for the purchase of the house can make for a good deal and these houses command the upper end of rental prices due to their larger size and greater amount of facilities.

Glasgow offers a range of these properties both within the city centre areas and in the suburbs. From newly built properties to renovated older properties, there are plenty to choose from should this be the type of property you want.
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