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Landlord Agent Glasgow

Posted by Let It on March 31, 2016 3:38 pm

A landlord agent in Glasgow, also known as a letting agent, can be a valuable asset when you run more than one property. Even if you have a single house but you can’t easily get around frequently to conduct checks, collect the rent or deal with issues that arise, then a landlord agent can be a crucial service.

Whether you are looking at a family for your property, a couple or considering renting it to students, there are checks that need to be carried out to protect yourself from potential problems. References need to be acquired and often a credit check is carried out. A landlord agent can do this for you as part of the tenant finding service.

One stipulation that the government has is that any deposit paid by the tenant has to be held in a government approved deposit scheme. This means when the tenancy ends, the money is ready to return to the tenant without any issues. Organising this scheme or accessing an existing one is another service that a landlord agent can carry out.

Once the tenancy is up and running, it is optional if you continue with the services of the landlord agent but many do simply for the ease of it. You may not live near the property, you may work full time or just don’t want to deal with the day-to-day stuff. By appointing the landlord agent to do this for you, the stress is taken out of the process and the demands on your time is greatly reduced.

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