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Just for laughs..

Posted by Let It on November 15, 2017 3:20 pm

We take our business seriously at LET it but from time to time we do chuckle at some of the comments made by tenants which lighten our daily chores. Here are just some of those that have stuck with us:

Tenant – I paid my rent yesterday but realise I have left myself short this month, can you transfer £100 back to me

Tenant – I’m sick of being harassed about paying rent on time, at the end of our lease I will be evacuating!

Tenant – Can we move in one week earlier and collect the keys on the 9th instead of the 16th?

Agent – No problem, we will change the lease dates to start on the 9th

Tenant- No, I just to collect the keys on the 9th so we can start moving things in, I don’t want the lease to start till the 16th.

On one occasion our clerk contacted a tenant to remind them of their routine property inspection to which their reply was ‘thanks, i’ll dismantle the methamphetamine laboratory now in anticipation of the inspection”

Tenant – My light isn’t working.

Agent – have you changed the light bulb?

Tenant – I don’t understand

Agent – Did you change the light bulb?

Tenant – How would I know how to do that?


Tenant – I’m going on holiday and be living in the property for 1 month, do i still have to pay rent?

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