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House Rental in East Dunbartonshire?

Posted by Let It on August 30, 2015 4:59 pm

When you are looking to rent a property, whether for the first time or simply moving to a new property, there are a few considerations that should be to the fore. The rent of the house is obviously the most important – you need to afford this as well as other bills such as utilities and council tax as well as having enough money left to live. But what else can help you establish if you have the right house rental in East Dunbartonshire?

The location of the house will doubtless be something that you consider alongside the cost of the rent. But there are more considerations than just whether you like the area. For instance, is there parking at the property or do you need to leave your car somewhere a short distance away? Normally, in rural areas this is less a problem than in the city centres but always worth considering, particularly if the property is a newer build.

If you smoke or have pets, this should be checked out before you agree to anything as some landlords won’t accept one or both. If it is written into the tenancy agreement that you cannot smoke in the house or have pets, then you could get into trouble if you do. It invalidates your tenancy agreement and could even lead to eviction.

Secondary considerations can be things like the quality of the internet connection – particularly if you work from home at all and rely on this for your job. If you have kids, looking at the quality of the local schools is also important as well as where the kids will go as they get older. And of course public transport links can be important if you need to use them.

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