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Flats for Rent in Kelvinside

Posted by Let It on May 24, 2016 3:00 pm

Flats for rent in Kelvinside are rarely on the market for very long and landlords find that acquiring new tenants when old ones leave isn’t a problem. The area is considered one of the most affluent in Glasgow and has a number of stunning Victorian villas and terraced houses. It also has plenty of new properties meaning that it attracts tenants of all kinds.

Finding the right tenant can seem easy in a property such as those in Kelvinside but it is important that a landlord still goes through the same checks as with anywhere else in the city. Here at Let It, we established a firm vetting procedure years ago and have continued to follow this for everything that we do.

For starters, we always get the right references and background checks for potential tenants. While these are within the rules allowed, they are comprehensive and allow us to spot potential problems in many cases. We also establish the tenancy agreement that ensures both parties are properly protected and the deposit paid is put into a government approved scheme, again for the protection of both parties. This is only accessed when the tenancy is finished. We finally ensure all the landlord checks have been done including utilities and appliances so, again, both landlord and tenant is protected.

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