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Flats for Rent in Bridgeton

Posted by Let It on August 16, 2017 1:58 pm

Flat rentals are the most popular style of property in Glasgow and the surrounding areas, with some 73% of properties being flats and a good number of these being available for private rent. Flats for rent in Bridgeton and the outlying areas of the city are popular with a number of tenant types and make for a great investment for first time landlords or those seeking to expand their portfolio.

Top of the list of flat rent tenants are students, drawn by the proximity of the area to the city centre and the lower cost of rent compared with a two or three bedroom house. Tenants will often band together to share a flat and reduce housing costs and make reliable tenants.

Couples also sometimes like the flat rental as opposed to the house, especially if they are not fans of gardens. Older couples will consider flats if there are easy access features such as lifts to ensure they can get up and down to the flat without needing to use stairs. And young professionals often choose flats, especially when working in the area for a short period of time.

This means that renting out a flat in Bridgeton and around the Glasgow suburbs can be a smooth process but this is made easier by the use of a letting agency. If you need help, advice or our services, simply give us a call and we can get started straight away.

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