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Flats for Rent in Bearsden

Posted by Let It on June 28, 2016 2:18 pm

Renting flats is in some ways different from renting houses yet in other ways much the same. Whatever the size of the property some elements remain the same – a quality bathroom and modern, clear kitchen are two of them. Plenty of storage for the tenant’s belongings is another. But flats are a little different because they are often targeted at a slightly different market.

If you are unsure what market to target for your flat, then getting help and advice from a letting agent may be an idea. They will know the area and the market and often have a database of people seeking particular properties in specific areas so finding the right tenant can be simply and quick.

Flats for rent in Bearsden are very popular with students. Proximity to Glasgow means that students studying in the city can live nearby but still enjoy the benefits of being a little away from the urban centre. Mature students with families also like the balance of living within a reasonable travelling distance without being in the city. Good quality schooling around the area of the flat can be an added benefit for these people.

Transport links can be an area that attract students as well as business people working in the city who don’t want to have to use their car. If the flat can offer parking, then this might attract those with cars.

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