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Flat Rentals Bridgeton

Posted by Let It on February 23, 2017 11:16 am

LET it providing a letting agent service to the Bishopton area.

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When you are starting out as a landlord, flat rentals are a good idea to consider. When you choose somewhere like flat rentals in Bridgeton, you can look at the market in the town itself and also consider the larger area and the types of people who will want to live there. But what other things should you consider?

A complete financial plan is a good idea before you start as a landlord. Work out the cost elements such as the utilities as well as the mortgage. Then you need to look at what rent you can charge – a letting agent can help with this aspect as they will know the local market and be able to give you a good idea. You need to make sure you cover all your essentials with the rent and have something left over for a profit, otherwise you are renting the house simply to pay for itself.

Next, consider what you might need to spend to get the property ready for a tenant. Key areas include the bathroom and the kitchen – do they need full replacement, partial renovation or just some touch-ups? A flat with a terrible kitchen and bathroom is unlikely to get a tenant or will only yield a very small flat so think of the money spent as an investment in your future rent profit.

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