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Family House Rentals Glasgow

Posted by Let It on May 26, 2017 9:47 am

When you start looking at house rentals in Glasgow, there are always plenty of great houses to choose from. But how do you pick one or at least narrow down the list to the ones you want to visit?

The rent is always one of the most important parts of the decision because obviously, you need to be able to afford the monthly payment alongside other bills and your food allowance. But even if the rent is the same on two or three properties, look to see what you are getting for that rent to get the best bargain for your money. For example, does house one have a garage while house two only has on-street parking? Does house three have two larger bedrooms versus two smaller ones in house one?
For many families, pets are a part of the unit and checking to see if the landlord will allow pets is another big part of the decision-making process. Some landlords do say that pets are not acceptable so this would strike the house from your list. The same applies with smokers – don’t assume your landlord will allow smoking in the house.

The little things can also play a big part in the decision about which house to rent. For example, does the property have a good internet connection? This might not be important for some people but will be relevant for others and extremely important if you work from home in any way. While schools are important for families, the location of amenities such as shops and public transport connections are also worth factoring into the decision.

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