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Benefits of a Good Letting Agent

Posted by Let It on September 28, 2015 9:15 am

When you start out as a landlord, there are many questions to be asked and answered. These start with basics such as where do you want to buy a house to rent and what type of tenants do you want in it. One of the questions that you will doubtless ask yourself is whether to use a letting agent to manage part or all of the process for you. So what are the benefits of a good letting agent?

Most all letting agents have two levels of service they provide. The most basic level involves them advertising the property and finding a tenant. It will normally include interviewing the tenant and getting their references. Then you are on your own to collect rent, deal with maintenance and repairs and any problems.

The higher level of cover means that you don’t have to do much of the day to day stuff or the annual matters. The letting agent will deal with the finding of a tenant, the collecting of the rent, organising property maintenance or repairs if something goes wrong and finding another tenant should one leave. All of these services can save you a lot of time and work for a fee, often worked around the cost of the monthly rent. It can also save you costs in travelling to and from the property if you don’t live nearby, especially if there is an emergency.

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