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3 Bedroom Flat Rentals Glasgow?

Posted by Let It on October 29, 2015 5:10 pm

In recent years, the rental market has seen a boom as more people want their own place but getting a mortgage or finding the right house becomes more difficult. One of the most popular types of property for buy-to-let landlords remains the flat or apartment. So should you consider starting your landlord career with a 3 bedroom flat rentals in Glasgow?

There is little doubt that flats continue to be a popular choice for buy to let, especially in the big cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow. One bedroom flats are often snapped up by single people with two beds being taken by couples planning a family or for friends sharing. But the three bedroom flat has the largest group of potential tenants – from families with two kids to groups of students sharing a property, people downsizing from a house but wanting room for visiting family and even young couples who want to stay central if they have kids.

There are a few points to watch for when considering a flat to buy to let. Lift or stairs is a big issue for some of these groups – older tenants don’t want to climb stairs while young mothers with pushchairs find them a nightmare. If you can pick up a flat with parking space, this can add to the appeal of the property and help to get a top rent for it, appealing to those young families who need the car to get the kids to school then off to work.

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