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1 Bedroom Flat Rentals Glasgow City Centre?

Posted by Let It on August 16, 2017 4:56 pm

So you have told the letting agent that you are looking for 1 bedroom flat rentals in Glasgow City Centre? You know how much deposit and rent you can afford and have areas that you would prefer to live in. but are you ready for the rest of the expenses that come when moving into your first rental property?

So there’s the deposit, usually the same as a month’s rent and there is the first month’s rent that is usually paid at the same time. When you started with the letting agent, they will have told you if there are any tenancy set up fees to be paid – this is where they collect your references, do a credit check and set up the tenancy agreement. This also covers protecting that deposit you paid to ensure nothing goes wrong and you get it back at the end of the tenancy if you have done everything specified.

In Scotland, there can also be an additional person fee for others living in the property, so if you are living with a partner, there may be an additional cost to pay. Alternatively, if you are using a guarantor, then there can be a fee for setting this up, often a choice used for students.
When you are budgeting for your rent each month, don’t forget about other bills. As well as the utilities bills for gas, electric and water there are also council tax payments to be made. And you will likely want a phone line with broadband connection so you will need to organise this.

Finally, remember when moving in, even if the property is rented furnished, you may still need some furnishings yourself. Whether this is a bed, wardrobe or a new TV, remember to budget for this in your start-up costs.

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